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Career As A Wedding Photographer in Singapore?

Being a professional wedding photographer can be a really rewarding experience, although it is sadly seldom considered by most people who live in Singapore.

There is a very strong sense that only if you are a lawyer, doctor or financial employee that you will be successful and happy in Singapore but that is far from the truth. What makes people happy is doing what they love… and there are some people who truly love photography, but don’t dare to chase their passion. I recommend you to go boldly after your dream.

If you already love bridal photography, you’re going to love working as a professional photographer in this industry. This is because working as a photographer will be providing you with lots of freedom. You are free to choose clients and clients are free to choose you as well. You will be able to pick when you want to work (if you cannot make it on a particular client’s photo shoot date, then simply reject him or her). Of course, this also means that you will make less income if you constantly reject jobs.

If you love seeing people being truly happy and in bliss with each other, then being a wedding photographer is the best thing that can possibly happen to you. Every day during your job, you will be meeting couples and seeing them being all blissful together, during one of the most exciting and blissful periods of their soon to be married together lives.

My opinion is that, if you love photography, go become a wedding photographer by starting off as a freelancer. That would give you tremendous amounts of working experience. Although less explored, it does provide you with lots of fun (if you have passion for photography) and freedom – which will make you happy.

Preparing for the upcoming wedding can be such a joy

Many people fret on the thoughts of preparing for their upcoming wedding. There are so many things that need to be attended to. Wedding photo shoots, wedding car rental, wedding banquet… and the list goes on. Many people miss out on the little things in life. Preparing for the upcoming wedding can be such a joy if you think of the whole experience positively.

Planning and preparing for the wedding is the first big thing that you and your spouse will be doing together for your marriage. Think of the whole process positively and the entire mood for your spouse and you will be be greatly improved. Try to have fun during the preparation phase and enjoy what you are doing. Focus on the end results too. Imagine that your actual wedding day will be a huge success. This will boost your morale and keep you excited preparing for your upcoming wedding.

If you look forward to a successful wedding, then you will find joy if you find bargain value-for-money deals during the preparation phase. You and your spouse will be actively comparing the value propositions brought forth by the different bridal studios in Singapore. Apart from indulging into the beautiful brochures of the various wedding related services, you will feel a sense of achievement when you discovered and chose a particular wedding studio’s value-for-money products and services

For example, be awed when you are browsing through the various amazing wedding photography packages offered by the wedding studios in Singapore. There are many wedding photography packages for you to choose from. Each of them contains different perks and products such as flush mount photo album, tiny book album, or table photo frames.

Though the process will be very enriching and satisfying, you will experience the greatest joy at the end of the wedding. When you look back and find that you have done a good job executing a very successful wedding for you and your spouse, it will get quite emotional.