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Finding A Piano Teacher In Singapore – What Is The Best Way?

There are many ways to find a piano teacher for your child’s music lessons. But which way is the best way to ensure that your child receives the best music education in Singapore?

First of all, you should try to pick teachers who have a Diploma qualification. Most piano teachers are either Grade 8 ABRSM qualified or Diploma qualified. Diploma is one level higher than Grade 8, and you are recommended to pick such a teacher as much as possible. This is because they have higher technical skills. However, this is not the end all and be all. You still need to make sure the teacher is good at teaching. Some people are fantastic at playing the piano, but do not make a good and caring teacher. One of the best ways I personally like to find a piano teacher is to actually go through a local piano teacher agency. The agency’s reputation is at stake if they recommend a lousy teacher, and they have no incentive to recommend a lousy teacher over a good teacher, as they probably make the same amount regardless of who they recommend. On the other hand, if you contacted individual private piano teachers in Singapore, they have every incentive to be biased towards themselves and praise themselves. This is because they cannot recommend you another teacher, or they will make nothing! One agency I recommend is Sglearnpiano.com for private piano teachers giving music lessons in Singapore.

Second of all, you could try asking a friend whose child has scored well in his or her piano examinations for a referral. This method is only recommended if you have friends whose child or children are taking piano lessons, and have a great teacher who has produced great results. Otherwise, this method is useless. Nonetheless, if you do know a parent who has engaged a great private piano teacher in Singapore for their child, then this is a fantastic way to get referred to a great teacher.

The third way you could do is to look into classified ads both in the Straits Times newspaper in Singapore as well as Locanto, Backpage, Craiglist or even ads on parents forums e.t.c. However, I strongly recommend that you do not do this method. This is because these are ads by the teacher themselves. And as mentioned above in the first method, contacting independent teachers by themselves is usually not a recommended way as they will be biased towards themselves, thus making you think they are better than they actually are.

In a nutshell, the best way to find a private piano teacher in Singapore for music lessons would be to ask a friend for referral if applicable for you. Otherwise, you will want to contact an agency.

Is It A Good Idea To Become A Private Piano Teacher In Singapore?

Are you thinking of becoming a piano teacher in Singapore? Becoming a private piano teacher in Singapore can be a very fulfilling career, especially if you love teaching, piano and hate the stiff and rigid and backstabbing corporate culture in Singapore, or any modern cities.

Here are some things you may want to consider when going on your path to becoming a private piano teacher.

  • As a private music teacher, you are basically self employed. This means that you will need to hustle to get your own students, work with agencies to grow much quicker (i.e. you can apply as a private piano teacher to work with https://www.sglearnpiano.com/careers), and then manage your own savings and taxes. This brings along a lot of responsibilities, but a lot of workplace freedom, as you are free to choose the type of students you want, e.g. child or adult, and the general locations where you want to teach, e.g. East, West, e.t.c. of Singapore
  • Most people in Singapore are content with a small Japanese car, and a nice BTO flat. If that is what you want, then being a private piano teacher in Singapore is definitely way more than enough to help you achieve those goals. If you want to own a Lamborghini and own bungalows and spend a ton of money, then it is probably the wrong career choice for you.
  • As a teacher, your teaching skills and passion for teaching is very important. In fact, it is slightly more important than your piano playing abilities. This is because you are now going to become a teacher, and not a pianist. This means that you will need to transition from being a mere performer to an educator.
  • It is generally speaking a stable career, at least for the foreseeable 20-50 years. This is because the reason someone wants to learn the piano is not something like driving, which can eventually be replaced with self driving cars. Learning to play the piano is out of passion for music, and for the instrument. There will always be people who want to learn to play the piano, and it will be an industry which may evolve but will always be around. It will not be disrupted away. In addition, knowing how to play the piano is also seen as a ‘status symbol’ in Singapore, and it will also make kids smarter – which means parents are more than happy to pay for a piano teacher to teach their kids.

As you can tell, it is a risk free industry to enter, as long as you keep upgrading your teaching skills and have a passion for teaching, playing the piano, and spreading the love of music!