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Where Can You Find A Piano Teacher In Singapore?

Finding a piano teacher can be very hard if you don’t know how to find one, especially if you are looking for a private home piano teacher. This is especially made more difficult if no one else around you has kids who are learning the piano.

However, here are some tested, tried and proven tips to help you look for a good private home piano teacher in Singapore.

First of all, you want to simply Google for them! Yes, I know that Yellow Pages is nearly extinct, hence I am asking you to Google for piano teaches. There are actually a number of private home piano teachers in Singapore which you can easily find on Google. There are also a number of good piano lesson match up agencies, namely, SG LEARN PIANO (https://www.facebook.com/sglearnpiano). These are agencies which will help you find a good piano teacher for free – they simply charge the teachers instead, while it’s free for you (this is the case for most agencies). Isn’t that great? You can get a free service and the only fees you pay are those you HAVE to pay even if you found the teachers yourself.

Second of all, you may want to check out local online forums in Singapore. Although some posts are self promoting ones, you can still contact these teachers and try them out (Although the first method I told you above about match up agencies are still the best, and is the reason why such piano match up agencies will always be in vogue).

Third of all, if all else fails, simply go to the closest shopping mall to your house location and check out the school piano centres! In fact, you or your kid can learn from these school piano centres as well. Additionally, a lot of these piano teachers are open to teaching during their free time as well, and eventually you can maybe even get some of these school teachers to teach you privately! (Although you may then get banned by the school, so check and proceed with caution.)

There you go, 3 great tips to help you or your child find a piano teacher in Singapore.