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Is It Too Late To Learn The Piano As An Adult In Singapore?

Is it too late to take piano lessons as an adult in Singapore? Many people only got exposed to the beauty of piano playing when they are already an adult, or perhaps in middle age, and are worried that they will not be able to master the skill of playing the piano due to their age. However, this is the biggest misconception and I shall share with you exactly why that is the case.

First of all, as an adult piano learner, it is actually much easier for you to comprehend what the piano teacher is actually saying during the lessons. The teacher is able to shortcut many lessons, as they will not need to explain it as explicitly as they will need to a young child as you understand many more English words already. For example, most adults know what rhythm is at least to a large extent. This means that the teacher can simply teach you about the different rhythms required for different piano songs during the lessons, instead of going through the basic English definition for each and every single term.

Second of all, adult students are better able to focus on the music lessons. Children tend to get distracted by everything very easily, and hence it may be harder for most children to truly focus on the lesson. This does not mean adults can play the piano better, however, it definitely means that adults are able to learn more within a shorter period of time. This then translates to requiring fewer lessons to understand music theory, and be able to progress quickly to practical sessions.

Third of all, children students usually learn very rigidly, and do not skip levels or ABRSM grade examinations. This is because a wider range of more complicated (theoretical in particular) materials can be used to teach the adult piano student so as to quicken their rate of learning. There is no need to go through each and every single step, as an adult will be able to jump through several levels of music theory quite easily compared to a child student.

As you can see from the above, it definitely is not too late to learn the piano even if you are already an adult. However, one thing you must note is that it is definitely necessary to have your own piano in your house (regardless whether you take private piano home lessons or go to the teacher/studio). Frequent practice is absolutely critical if you want to achieve success in playing the piano. A piano is definitely not cheap to purchase, although these days, lots of interest-free financing programs exist for piano purchases in Singapore, making buying a piano much simpler. The only main thing you need to consider, if you are not already from a very wealthy family, is the piano purchase cost, as that will be one of the largest expenses, and as an adult, you probably need to fork out the purchase price yourself instead of having your parents pay for it if you are a child learner.