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How To Party In Vegas Legally – Best Practices

Although Las Vegas has the nickname of being the Sin City of the world, many things are actually illegal in Vegas. It is not as ‘free’ as you may think it is. In this article, I will share with you how to party in Vegas legally. As long as you keep to the following rules, and read the law, and don’t try anything crazy, Las Vegas will still live up to its name. (Please note this is not legal advice, so if you want to experiment with things, please consult with a lawyer.)

First and foremost, drugs like cocaine e.t.c. are NOT legal in Vegas. Although you often see people in Hollywood movies taking such drugs in Vegas hotel rooms, that is not legal. That is just a movie, and does not depict real life laws and regulations. Do not get into trouble.

Second of all, while it may appear like it is legal, prostitution and solicitation of it is actually highly illegal in Las Vegas itself. There are neighboring counties about 1 to 2 hour drive away, where it is legal. However, as of 2018, it is illegal in Las Vegas. Therefore, do not try looking for it while in the city. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a pretty female companion, then escorts are definitely legal. Feel free to contact a website like www.vegasdreamescorts.com/contact/ to engage escort models.

Third of all, the legal drinking age in Las Vegas is 21. Even though it may just be 18 years old where you are, please note that the legal drinking age is strictly 21 years old in Las Vegas. You will often be asked to prove your age by showing some type of government-issued ID in venues that involve drinking of alcohols e.t.c. such as that in nightclubs and bars.

Additionally, the legal gambling age in Las Vegas is also 21 years old. In theory, casinos are to strictly deny access to anyone below 21 years of age. However, as most jackpot machines and casinos are simply at the lift lobbies of most hotels in Las Vegas, it is quite impossible for kids to avoid the casinos. Therefore, although it is supposed to be the case on paper, in reality, casinos only stop and check for ID at the tables as well as if the gambler won money at the jackpot machines.

In a nutshell, follow the above rules. Las Vegas is after all still a city in United States, and although it’s the land of the free, it’s still not the land of crimes! Therefore, make sure to follow the laws in the city and Nevada.