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Becoming A Piano Teacher In Singapore – Move To Being Self Employed

There are many pianists in Singapore who have considered having a self employed piano teacher job before, but most are not confident about it and hence never pursue it. If you are sitting on the fence, chances are, you are worried if it will be sufficient as your full time gig. Here are some tips to help you make the switch to having a piano teacher job and being fully self employed easier and more guaranteed for you.

First of all, let us first estimate the average earnings you can make per month for 4 lessons for an average student. A Grade 1 student is usually charged around $140 while a Grade 8 student is usually charged around $300. This puts the average at $220 per month per music student that you have.

Second of all, you probably want to start off part time before transitioning to full time. Some aspiring full time private piano teachers start this even when they are still in college so they never need to get a corporate job. Other aspiring teachers are already working a job and want to become fully self employed in future. It is important to first get some gigs part time first, as it is mentally very difficult to make the leap to being fully self employed if you do not already have some minimal income from it.

Third of all, as a part time piano teacher in Singapore, you can probably take 1 student per weeknight (simply partner with a local agency to find good piano students easily), and perhaps 3 students per weekend day. This means a total of 11 students, and at an average of $220 per month, you will be making a respectable $2450 even while doing this part time. This is enough for most people to make the leap to doing this full time.

Next, as a full time piano teacher, you can perhaps take up to around 4 to 5 students per day without tiring yourself out and still have enough free time. This means approximately 31 students. At $220 per student per month, you will be making $6820 per month! This is a very respectable sum, and most people in Singapore who drive lower end cars don’t even make that kind of money! Additionally, that is more than most beginner to intermediate lawyers and doctors make… and the best part is you are self employed!

Finally, if you truly love playing the piano and want to make the leap, don’t. Move over conservatively in a safe fashion – simply by doing it part time first while you are a student or working, and then transitioning into a full time job after you already have around 10 students! That’s the safer and recommended way to become a piano teacher in Singapore without feeling the stress!