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Why It’s Important To Engage A Specialized Wedding Photographer

With the many bridal photography horror stories in Singapore (you can find these stories everywhere on bridal forums), especially the recent one which scandal was so big it even appeared on Straits Times, it’s especially important not to blindly engage a studio without finding out about their photographers.

There are namely two types of wedding studios in Singapore. The first type would be those which are simply wedding gown boutiques or planner which coordinate everything and will package photography services together with their own offered services. The second type would be a wedding photography studio with photographers working for it. I highly recommend that you either go with a single photographer or with the second type of wedding studio as mentioned above. This is because you will be able to vet the quality of their portfolio, as they are usually publicly displayed on their website, and what you see is what you get. However, for the first type of wedding studios as mentioned above, their photographers are usually outsourced or partner companies, and hence it’s harder to know the quality of the eventually engaged wedding photographer’s quality with absolute certainty.

All of the horror stories which come from brides and grooms are related to the first type of wedding studios. Hence, to avoid all that unnecessary troubles, you should simply engage a wedding photography studio instead. I would highly recommend that you choose a studio like or or for the best results.

Become a better Singapore wedding photographer

Wedding photography is a competitive niche. You must be really good at photography and knows how to delight your customers. You cannot afford to make huge mistakes throughout your career as a wedding photographer. Customers’ expectations are very high for their wedding photographs. You can bet that failing to meet their expectations will make them very upset and angry particularly because you only have one shot to make it right. The couples most probably will only marry once in their life, or so they believe at that point in time.

Therefore, upgrade your knowledge and skills to become a better Singapore wedding photographer. Consistently improve yourselves as a wedding photographer. You will never run out of amazing things to learn about!

wedding photographer

One of the easier ways to become a better wedding photographer is to find yourself a good mentor. Frankly speaking, it is rather difficult to get a mentor in the wedding photography industry where everyone is reluctant to share their real skills and insights. However, fret not, there is one wedding studio that is very welcoming to mentor-ships – Grandeur Wedding Studio Grandeur Wedding Studio offers a mentor-ship program where amateur photographers can learn under experienced wedding photographers in the studio. The condition? The apprentice must stay with the wedding studio for at least 6 months. To me, that’s a great deal. While completing assignments for Grandeur wedding studio, the apprentice will also be learning real skills. Win-win situation.

If you do not want to get a mentor, then you will need to learn things yourself. Read up on hardcopy books or electronic books you can find online. In addition, visit photography forums for photography tips. Be sure not to trust everything you read and to validate the claims. One way to validate the claims is to experiment with the insights yourself. Do not use a new idea during an actual wedding photo shoot for your customer when you are unsure of the results.

Good Wedding Photography Studios in Singapore

Here is a discussion about the more popular and famous wedding studios in Singapore, particularly the studios which focus on pre wedding photography and actual day wedding photography because these are definitely the two most popular wedding topics among couples in Singapore.

  • GWS – Grandeur Wedding Studio has been established since mid to late 2015, and have already amassed a great reputation. They’re also found on magazines like the esteemed Blissful Brides. With a lot of professional bridal photographers in Singapore, GWS has been able to provide lots of beautiful wedding photographs for the many couples who have engaged them since 2015.
  • 36Frames – If you’re super price conscious, then 36 Frames has the best packages for you. Though their quality and value for money may not be the best, 36 Frames definitely has some of the cheapest EVER wedding photography packages in Singapore. They do not offer lots of options though.
  • NAT STUDIOS – One of couple’s favorite choices for an overseas photographer originating from Singapore as a place of business, NAT STUDIOS has won lots of accolades, but specialize in overseas (anywhere outside of Singapore) photography. If you’re looking to travel to an exotic location like the Fiji Islands, or perhaps to romantic France for a wedding photo shoot, then NAT STUDIOS is your perfect choice!!!!
  • Reddot Studio – Reddot Studio is a good choice if you’re instead searching for wedding videography. They have taken for many celebrities in Singapore, and if you only want wedding videography packages, then Reddot would definitely be one of your optimal choices if you need one from Singapore.

The above are all good wedding photography (and 1 videography) studios you can engage in Singapore, and I would recommend you to go for one of the above reputable companies rather than hiring some random company.

Ever Bought A Pandora Jewelry?

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Pandora Jewelry, but apparently, most women out there are 🙂 And this includes many women in Singapore too (hint to the men out there in Singapore).

Check out the above video, doesn’t it look so sweet? As you can tell, the entire Pandora brand is not only just for love between couples, but love in general, for people and for things. It’s about the blissful feeling that the Pandora Jewelry brand is really all about!

I feel that love between a married couple must be the same too. First of all, there must be understanding that it must be unconditional, and that both parties must fork out time, effort and money into sustaining the relationship with each other. Surprise each other with little gifts or gestures of love and appreciation. That is the only way a marriage can last long. Having great memories of your wedding will help too. Get a good photographer like Grandeur – they’re located in Singapore.

The pre-wedding excitement and the overwhelming feelings experienced on the actual day of the wedding might make you feel overwhelmed, but it is not enough to sustain you for the rest of your married life. Like anything worth its salt in life, you need to work hard to keep your marriage going strong. The reason some marriages fail is because they don’t love the thought of loving each other anymore. You need to put in effort – nothing happens by luck.

Remember, at the end of the day, there will be times where your spouse may feel unloved, and this is terrible. Just like how Pandora encourages people to express their feelings, emotions and love for people, you need to constantly express this for your spouse for them to feel deeply appreciated. People love it when they feel appreciated and so you need to do just that.

Alright, hope you like my two cents under two minutes, and enjoy the above video. Cheers people!

Career As A Wedding Photographer in Singapore?

Being a professional wedding photographer can be a really rewarding experience, although it is sadly seldom considered by most people who live in Singapore.

There is a very strong sense that only if you are a lawyer, doctor or financial employee that you will be successful and happy in Singapore but that is far from the truth. What makes people happy is doing what they love… and there are some people who truly love photography, but don’t dare to chase their passion. I recommend you to go boldly after your dream.

If you already love bridal photography, you’re going to love working as a professional photographer in this industry. This is because working as a photographer will be providing you with lots of freedom. You are free to choose clients and clients are free to choose you as well. You will be able to pick when you want to work (if you cannot make it on a particular client’s photo shoot date, then simply reject him or her). Of course, this also means that you will make less income if you constantly reject jobs.

If you love seeing people being truly happy and in bliss with each other, then being a wedding photographer is the best thing that can possibly happen to you. Every day during your job, you will be meeting couples and seeing them being all blissful together, during one of the most exciting and blissful periods of their soon to be married together lives.

My opinion is that, if you love photography, go become a wedding photographer by starting off as a freelancer. That would give you tremendous amounts of working experience. Although less explored, it does provide you with lots of fun (if you have passion for photography) and freedom – which will make you happy.

Should you engage one stop wedding services?

While preparing for the upcoming wedding, you will realize that the list of things to prepare is very long! There are different wedding related products and services that you will need to purchase. For instance, wedding photography services, wedding car rental services, and wedding ring purchase. It will be tedious and people will think of one stop services. There are quite a number of wedding companies in Singapore offering one stop wedding services. One of them is Grandeur Weddings. Should you engage one stop wedding services?

Buying one stop wedding services from a wedding company can save you a lot of time and coordination efforts. You will save a tremendous amount of time sourcing for multiple wedding service vendors for the different wedding products and services. That could actually amount of tens and hundreds of hours saved. Moreover, it will be easy for you to coordinate with just one wedding company for all the products and services that you buy. Imagine the scenario where you have to find out the contact details of the vendor who sold you a particular product or service? If you have to do that multiple times, then that would be greatly time-consuming and tedious. Coordinating with just one wedding service vendor will save you so much trouble.

Of course, people also think twice before buying all their wedding products and services from a single wedding vendor. The most common question that pop up in people’s minds is, “is the wedding company offering the one stop services reliable?”. Purchasing all your wedding products and services from the wedding company is essentially putting all your eggs into one basket. That is a risk. The results will either be extremely good or extremely bad.

However, if you do your research of the wedding company providing the one stop services well, then it will be a good calculated risk to take. If you want to save a lot of time and effort, pinpoint the right wedding company and make all your bets on it. You will be glad that you did when it all turns out well.

Singapore wedding photography cultures

Different environments produce different cultures. Every country has their own unique culture. Every organization has their own unique culture. This goes the same for wedding photography. Different country will have their own wedding cultures. Coupled with the different styles of the wedding photographers living in different countries, the wedding photographs produced will be very different.

Singapore wedding photography has changed dramatically over the past decades. Propelled by the rapid economic development and globalization, the wedding photographs taken by Singaporeans look very modern now. By looking modern, I refer to the modern wedding attire and also the modern background of the photographs. Many wedding couples in Singapore will opt to wear modern attire such as gowns for the brides and suit and shirt for the grooms. In the past, Singaporean wedding couples usually wear their traditional wedding attire. For instance, Chinese brides will be wearing “Cheong Sum” dresses.

Singaporeans have the flexibility to choose between an urban backdrop or a natural scenic backdrop for their wedding photo shoots. It depends on the individuals’ tastes and preferences for this. There are common locations where couples go to for their wedding photo shoots in Singapore. For those wanting an urban backdrop for their photo shoots, they will usually go to the Marina Bay, Marina Barrage, and inside the Central Business Districts where the skyscrapers are. For those wanting a natural scenic backdrop for their wedding photo shoots, they will usually go to places like Changi Beach, Sentosa Beach, Bukit Timah Hill and the Botanic Gardens. Some people may prefer to take their wedding photo shoots at locations which define Singapore, such as coffee shops and shop houses.

Most importantly, there are very talented wedding photographers in Singapore. Most of the wedding photographers in Singapore are born and raised in Singapore. Hence, they are able to provide Singapore wedding couples a very localized service. They know their way around Singapore well and also know which locations will be more suited for the wedding couples’ tastes. Do check out the wedding photographer’s portfolio before engaging them. Their portfolio will tell you their capabilities.

Finally, if you are looking at engaging Singapore wedding photographers, here are some top wedding photographers in Singapore that you can consider.

Preparing for the upcoming wedding can be such a joy

Many people fret on the thoughts of preparing for their upcoming wedding. There are so many things that need to be attended to. Wedding photo shoots, wedding car rental, wedding banquet… and the list goes on. Many people miss out on the little things in life. Preparing for the upcoming wedding can be such a joy if you think of the whole experience positively.

Planning and preparing for the wedding is the first big thing that you and your spouse will be doing together for your marriage. Think of the whole process positively and the entire mood for your spouse and you will be be greatly improved. Try to have fun during the preparation phase and enjoy what you are doing. Focus on the end results too. Imagine that your actual wedding day will be a huge success. This will boost your morale and keep you excited preparing for your upcoming wedding.

If you look forward to a successful wedding, then you will find joy if you find bargain value-for-money deals during the preparation phase. You and your spouse will be actively comparing the value propositions brought forth by the different bridal studios in Singapore. Apart from indulging into the beautiful brochures of the various wedding related services, you will feel a sense of achievement when you discovered and chose a particular wedding studio’s value-for-money products and services

For example, be awed when you are browsing through the various amazing wedding photography packages offered by the wedding studios in Singapore. There are many wedding photography packages for you to choose from. Each of them contains different perks and products such as flush mount photo album, tiny book album, or table photo frames.

Though the process will be very enriching and satisfying, you will experience the greatest joy at the end of the wedding. When you look back and find that you have done a good job executing a very successful wedding for you and your spouse, it will get quite emotional.