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Becoming A Piano Teacher In Singapore – Move To Being Self Employed

There are many pianists in Singapore who have considered having a self employed piano teacher job before, but most are not confident about it and hence never pursue it. If you are sitting on the fence, chances are, you are worried if it will be sufficient as your full time gig. Here are some tips to help you make the switch to having a piano teacher job and being fully self employed easier and more guaranteed for you.

First of all, let us first estimate the average earnings you can make per month for 4 lessons for an average student. A Grade 1 student is usually charged around $140 while a Grade 8 student is usually charged around $300. This puts the average at $220 per month per music student that you have.

Second of all, you probably want to start off part time before transitioning to full time. Some aspiring full time private piano teachers start this even when they are still in college so they never need to get a corporate job. Other aspiring teachers are already working a job and want to become fully self employed in future. It is important to first get some gigs part time first, as it is mentally very difficult to make the leap to being fully self employed if you do not already have some minimal income from it.

Third of all, as a part time piano teacher in Singapore, you can probably take 1 student per weeknight (simply partner with a local agency to find good piano students easily), and perhaps 3 students per weekend day. This means a total of 11 students, and at an average of $220 per month, you will be making a respectable $2450 even while doing this part time. This is enough for most people to make the leap to doing this full time.

Next, as a full time piano teacher, you can perhaps take up to around 4 to 5 students per day without tiring yourself out and still have enough free time. This means approximately 31 students. At $220 per student per month, you will be making $6820 per month! This is a very respectable sum, and most people in Singapore who drive lower end cars don’t even make that kind of money! Additionally, that is more than most beginner to intermediate lawyers and doctors make… and the best part is you are self employed!

Finally, if you truly love playing the piano and want to make the leap, don’t. Move over conservatively in a safe fashion – simply by doing it part time first while you are a student or working, and then transitioning into a full time job after you already have around 10 students! That’s the safer and recommended way to become a piano teacher in Singapore without feeling the stress!

3 Hidden Piano ABRSM Exam Tips You Must Know

Here are some rarely taught secrets to help you score better in your piano ABRSM exams in Singapore. If you are instead simply looking for a piano teacher in Singapore, then engageĀ, a popular agency to help students find piano teachers in Singapore.

First of all, you want to practise without using the piano pedals. This is because some students overly rely on the piano pedals to connect notes together. However, if you really want to score a distinction on your piano exams, then it is important to practise connecting the notes together without even using the pedal. Although the difference in playing may sound minor to the untrained ears, it is extremely obvious to the ABRSM piano examiner.

Second of all, you want to practise the piano song mentally, away from the piano. Yes that is right. If you can conceptualize the music with all the sound, the fingering and everything without moving your fingers or even looking at the keyboard, this means you really know your piano scores very well. This is a very important secret because it helps you recover in the event that you play a wrong note. Even best pianists have mishaps. If you have the ability to ‘play the piano away from the piano’, you will know which keys to play even if you make a mistake at any point in time.

Third of all, play through your ABRSM piano exam pieces for a friend or relative. You want this friend to sit down next to you as though he or she is a jerk and will call you out for any mistakes you play. You want this setting and practice session to be as realistic as possible and put pressure and stress on yourself. This is to acclimatize you to the demands of the real exam time. Examiners are not there for the same reason as you are. They are simply there for their job and they may be thinking about their lunch or something else while testing you. Therefore, always go into an exam room preparing for a bad experience. This way, you will be mentally prepared to deal with anything coming your way!

How Should You Take Piano Lessons In Singapore?

There are lots of ways in which you can learn the piano in Singapore. You can learn by following online tutorials, you can learn from a private home piano teacher, or you can go to a local music school and take lessons.

First of all, there are lots of YouTube tutorials. In fact, these tutorials are really good if your goal is to learn how to play pop songs on the piano casually and impress your family and friends. Most of these tutorials are good enough to enable you to play a pop song on the piano smoothly. However, most of these tutorials are not in depth enough to teach you the skills required if your goal is to pass the ABRSM graded examinations or the Trinity College piano certification. The technicalities involved with the ABRSM exams are not really taught effectively online.

For those who are more passionate about learning the piano professionally, I highly recommend hiring a professional, private home teacher. A professional private piano teacher will provide dedicated lessons for you, and because of the 1-1 nature, you will be provided with unlimited attention and your mistakes will all be easily corrected. This is the most common route that most parents take in Singapore for their children when it comes to learning the piano. Nothing beats the dedicated attention that a private music teacher can provide, especially in the comfort of your home or their studio. If your goal is to play the piano leisurely, don’t take this choice unless you’re loaded. However, if your child wants to pass the ABRSM graded exams in Singapore, this is the best music investment you can place in your child.

Third of all, for those who wants to provide their children with a music education, but whose child learns better in a group, then definitely enroll your child in a nearby Yamaha or Cristofori music school. There are such music schools scattered all across the island of Singapore. They offer very structured and regulated classes, in a small group. If your child likes that or there is a nearby music school near your work place and you want your child to learn there, then this is a great option. However, this is not a replacement for getting a piano in your own home. If you want your child to learn music properly, constant practice is key. Therefore, invest in a good piano – you will not regret it.

Where Can You Find A Piano Teacher In Singapore?

Finding a piano teacher can be very hard if you don’t know how to find one, especially if you are looking for a private home piano teacher. This is especially made more difficult if no one else around you has kids who are learning the piano.

However, here are some tested, tried and proven tips to help you look for a good private home piano teacher in Singapore.

First of all, you want to simply Google for them! Yes, I know that Yellow Pages is nearly extinct, hence I am asking you to Google for piano teaches. There are actually a number of private home piano teachers in Singapore which you can easily find on Google. There are also a number of good piano lesson match up agencies, namely, SG LEARN PIANO ( These are agencies which will help you find a good piano teacher for free – they simply charge the teachers instead, while it’s free for you (this is the case for most agencies). Isn’t that great? You can get a free service and the only fees you pay are those you HAVE to pay even if you found the teachers yourself.

Second of all, you may want to check out local online forums in Singapore. Although some posts are self promoting ones, you can still contact these teachers and try them out (Although the first method I told you above about match up agencies are still the best, and is the reason why such piano match up agencies will always be in vogue).

Third of all, if all else fails, simply go to the closest shopping mall to your house location and check out the school piano centres! In fact, you or your kid can learn from these school piano centres as well. Additionally, a lot of these piano teachers are open to teaching during their free time as well, and eventually you can maybe even get some of these school teachers to teach you privately! (Although you may then get banned by the school, so check and proceed with caution.)

There you go, 3 great tips to help you or your child find a piano teacher in Singapore.

How To Find A Good Piano Teacher In Singapore?

Finding a good piano teacher can set you or your child’s music path for life. However, if you find the wrong ones, then you will need to keep changing teachers until you hopefully find the right one. Here are some ways to ensure that you have found the right piano teacher for you or your child.

First of all, you should figure whether your or your child’s goal is to pass the ABRSM graded examinations with flying colours or whether you want to play pop songs well. Teaching styles and methodologies can be vastly different depending on what your end goal is. ABRSM graded examinations’ classes are usually much more structured and very strict. However, playing pop songs is about expressing your freedom in playing the song (albeit you still need to hit the right piano keys!). There are teachers who specialize in piano lessons for students who want to pass the ABRSM graded exams while there are others who specialize only in students who want to master playing pop songs. There are obviously teachers who can teach both, but I highly recommend that you find a music teacher who specializes in one of them.

Second of all, if you are serious about wanting to learn the piano, I highly recommend that you purchase a piano for yourself or your child. It doesn’t have to be a grand piano, considering how small Singapore apartments are (unless you live in a bungalow, which is great!). A normal low-mid tier piano will be sufficient to last you for very long. It’s important to have your own piano (not keyboard), as practice is really key to musical success. No amount of talent will work if you are not a diligent and hardworking student of music. Some students may opt to learn from a teacher’s studio, and that is ok, but you should still get your own piano. Personally, I learnt the piano by having a private home music teacher come to my house to teach me on my own piano. In my opinion, having a 1-1 private home piano teacher beats anything else, including studio classes, as it saves me time and I’m taught on the same piano I’m going to practise on! Therefore, a private piano teacher is best.

Third of all, if you thought that learning math was hard, try learning the piano. This is why it is so important to find a patient and responsible piano teacher. Maths is all about the theory. Piano is about theory and practical. If you don’t get a patient and responsible teacher, you will soon find a teacher yelling at you or your child… not very nice.

Here is also a good read from a piano forum from posters discussing about how to find a good music teacher.