Piano Lessons Improves Language Skills – Kiasu Singaporean Parents Listen Up!

Singaporeans are a kiasu bunch of people. However, if there is one thing Singaporeans are more kiasu about than themselves, is about their children’s grades in schools! A child’s academic results are nearly a form of status symbols for the social status conscious parents in Singapore – nearly everyone.

Here are some good news if you are one of those parents – piano lessons can improve your children’s language skill even further on top of tuition. If you are looking for a private home piano teacher in Singapore, you can contact SGLearnPiano. Anyway, here are some of the scientific reasons why language skills can be improved through something seemingly unrelated – piano lessons. In fact, there was a specific study by MIT which found that learning the piano allowed kindergartners to know how to distinguish and differentiate between different pitches, which further translated into increased capabilities in differentiating between different spoken words. All these can be seen even at a young age.

You can read the exact things that MIT tested in the link I have provided for you above, but if you are wondering, this same test was also replicated in China. What was found was very interesting – that students who learnt piano and music did significantly better in language based classes.

Since many tuition lessons in Singapore already offer maths and science classes, perhaps you could let your child learn the piano instead of also sending him or her to language classes! Your child might thank you for letting him or her learn a new skill instead of going for more boring tuition!

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