Taking Singapore Piano Lessons? Don’t Forget About These Hidden Fees!

When parents enroll their kids for private piano classes in Singapore, some of them forget there may be ‘hidden’ fees. Here are some of the ‘hidden’ fees you should know so that you do not get a shock when you bump into them in future.

First of all, there is graded examination application and registration fees. Each ABRSM practical and theory examination has a fee which you will need to pay if you want to get graded under the ABRSM music qualifications. This fee is usually between $150 to $500, depending on the grade and the type of exam you are applying for. This fee is levied by the ABRSM board, and there is unfortunately no way to avoid paying this unless you only want to play the piano for fun and never get certified officially.

Second of all, you will need exam booklets for scales, sight reading and exam pieces to practise. You will also likely want to purchase sheet music for popular songs that you may want to master for leisure purposes. All of these cost money, and will require you to pay around $10 to $25 a book for your child. These are additional costs and separate from the teacher’s lesson fees as these are not sold by the teacher. The teacher simply purchases them on behalf of your child, the student, and then the book is now yours.

Third of all, there are also exam accompaniment fees. This is only applicable for students at the higher piano levels such as Grade 8 or usually Diploma levels. An accompanying playing instrument is required other than yours, and in this case, you will need to pay the accompanist for playing alongside your child. This will generally range between $60 to $110 per hour. There is one way to save on this cost – get a friend or family member who is qualified to be your child’s accompanist. However, make sure he or she is qualified and proficient, otherwise your child’s performance may get dragged down. I strongly recommend to just pay for a professional accompanist instead.

In a nutshell, you can clearly tell that there are several piano learning costs which are not commonly discussed, and clearly above and beyond the piano purchase price and the private piano lesson fees in Singapore.

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