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Enjoying Las Vegas Escort Girls – A Man’s Definitive Guide

If you are looking for an authoritative guide to enjoying Vegas’s most beautiful girls, you are at the RIGHT place. Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and beautiful ladies. Here are the top 10 tips to help you ensure that you enjoy the time you spend here with the escort companion you engage!


1. Get the right budget
 First of all, if you want to meet the most beautiful girls that Las Vegas has to offer, then make sure that you have the right budget with you. If you only have $100 or $200 with you, your only hope is 10 minutes of enjoyment at the jackpot rooms in Vegas. The bare minimum you should be prepared to spend is $1000 if you want a really top, model woman as your escort in Vegas. With $1000, you can either get a really high quality and beautiful escort to accompany you, or you could get 1-3 hours of an average beautiful escort.


2. Don’t lowball!
Second of all, don’t be cheap and lowball the escort girls. There is nothing more unappealing about the men who try to meet girls in Vegas than those who lowball and negotiate the prices. In other words, be generous and you will definitely find that the escorts will treat you better, and be much flirtier with you.


3. Stick to agencies or aggregated websites with verified listings
 Third of all, if this is your first time, do not bother with independent escorts. There are so many independent ads with fake photos, that independent sites like Backpage are now known as the ‘place where ugly women post fake beautiful pictures’. I strongly recommend that you stick to agencies or websites which actually verify the looks of their escorts such as VEGASDREAMESCORTS.COM.


4. Do not go for incalls
Incall is basically where you go to where the escort is located, and outcall is basically where the model comes to you. You may not do anything illegal at all, but if the girl is dodgy, the incall place will be raided and you can be temporarily arrested and questioned for a reason that has nothing to do with you at all. If you come to enjoy Vegas and do not want drama, I repeat – DO NOT go for incalls. Only stick to outcall agencies or escorts.


5. Do not solicit or engage in prostitution
I repeat, prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas. It is legal in certain tiny neighboring counties with small populations, but it is NOT in Vegas itself. Do not do dumb things like trying to negotiate sexual services for money with the escorts in Vegas.


6. Do not discuss or solicit sexual services from escorts/agencies/websites
Any legal escort agency/website will NEVER discuss nor arrange such services with any clients, as it is strictly illegal to do so in Las Vegas. If you ask for such things, chances are, you will get rejected and then blacklisted.


7. Be prepared to verify yourself
Escort agencies and websites will protect your privacy – but that still means that they need to verify you are who you say you are, and that you are actually in Vegas itself. Most such websites will ask you for your name/room number to verify that you are in Vegas at the point of booking. Some agencies or websites may request for a bank or online deposit from you if they are unable to verify your details. If you are too scared of your identity, DON’T ENGAGE services then.


8. Don’t be fussy
If a particular model is unavailable, it means that the escort is unavailable. Be professional – either pick another model or simply engage the escort you want when you are back in Vegas. If an agency or website finds you annoying, they will block you – after all, they have no lack of customers in this industry.


9. Have good hygiene
Did you know that escorts have the right to reject you as well? Would you show up to your first date like you haven’t bathed in three days and smell like a garbage can? No. So similarly, make sure that you stay hygienic, smell and dress well if you want the escort to have a much better impression of you.


10. Stay safe
Even though picking escorts through agencies and websites is generally safe, you still do not want to leave valuables all around your hotel room or in your bag and leave them alone with the escort for extended periods of time. You can trust them, but always err on the safe side, and keep your valuables other than your cash payable to the escort in a safe and secured location.


There you go, the top 10 tips to ensure that your trip in Las Vegas is fun and a pleasant one.

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