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3 Hidden Piano ABRSM Exam Tips You Must Know

Here are some rarely taught secrets to help you score better in your piano ABRSM exams in Singapore. If you are instead simply looking for a piano teacher in Singapore, then engageĀ, a popular agency to help students find piano teachers in Singapore.

First of all, you want to practise without using the piano pedals. This is because some students overly rely on the piano pedals to connect notes together. However, if you really want to score a distinction on your piano exams, then it is important to practise connecting the notes together without even using the pedal. Although the difference in playing may sound minor to the untrained ears, it is extremely obvious to the ABRSM piano examiner.

Second of all, you want to practise the piano song mentally, away from the piano. Yes that is right. If you can conceptualize the music with all the sound, the fingering and everything without moving your fingers or even looking at the keyboard, this means you really know your piano scores very well. This is a very important secret because it helps you recover in the event that you play a wrong note. Even best pianists have mishaps. If you have the ability to ‘play the piano away from the piano’, you will know which keys to play even if you make a mistake at any point in time.

Third of all, play through your ABRSM piano exam pieces for a friend or relative. You want this friend to sit down next to you as though he or she is a jerk and will call you out for any mistakes you play. You want this setting and practice session to be as realistic as possible and put pressure and stress on yourself. This is to acclimatize you to the demands of the real exam time. Examiners are not there for the same reason as you are. They are simply there for their job and they may be thinking about their lunch or something else while testing you. Therefore, always go into an exam room preparing for a bad experience. This way, you will be mentally prepared to deal with anything coming your way!