How Should You Take Piano Lessons In Singapore?

There are lots of ways in which you can learn the piano in Singapore. You can learn by following online tutorials, you can learn from a private home piano teacher, or you can go to a local music school and take lessons.

First of all, there are lots of YouTube tutorials. In fact, these tutorials are really good if your goal is to learn how to play pop songs on the piano casually and impress your family and friends. Most of these tutorials are good enough to enable you to play a pop song on the piano smoothly. However, most of these tutorials are not in depth enough to teach you the skills required if your goal is to pass the ABRSM graded examinations or the Trinity College piano certification. The technicalities involved with the ABRSM exams are not really taught effectively online.

For those who are more passionate about learning the piano professionally, I highly recommend hiring a professional, private home teacher. A professional private piano teacher will provide dedicated lessons for you, and because of the 1-1 nature, you will be provided with unlimited attention and your mistakes will all be easily corrected. This is the most common route that most parents take in Singapore for their children when it comes to learning the piano. Nothing beats the dedicated attention that a private music teacher can provide, especially in the comfort of your home or their studio. If your goal is to play the piano leisurely, don’t take this choice unless you’re loaded. However, if your child wants to pass the ABRSM graded exams in Singapore, this is the best music investment you can place in your child.

Third of all, for those who wants to provide their children with a music education, but whose child learns better in a group, then definitely enroll your child in a nearby Yamaha or Cristofori music school. There are such music schools scattered all across the island of Singapore. They offer very structured and regulated classes, in a small group. If your child likes that or there is a nearby music school near your work place and you want your child to learn there, then this is a great option. However, this is not a replacement for getting a piano in your own home. If you want your child to learn music properly, constant practice is key. Therefore, invest in a good piano – you will not regret it.

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