Why It’s Important To Engage A Specialized Wedding Photographer

With the many bridal photography horror stories in Singapore (you can find these stories everywhere on bridal forums), especially the recent one which scandal was so big it even appeared on Straits Times, it’s especially important not to blindly engage a studio without finding out about their photographers.

There are namely two types of wedding studios in Singapore. The first type would be those which are simply wedding gown boutiques or planner which coordinate everything and will package photography services together with their own offered services. The second type would be a wedding photography studio with photographers working for it. I highly recommend that you either go with a single photographer or with the second type of wedding studio as mentioned above. This is because you will be able to vet the quality of their portfolio, as they are usually publicly displayed on their website, and what you see is what you get. However, for the first type of wedding studios as mentioned above, their photographers are usually outsourced or partner companies, and hence it’s harder to know the quality of the eventually engaged wedding photographer’s quality with absolute certainty.

All of the horror stories which come from brides and grooms are related to the first type of wedding studios. Hence, to avoid all that unnecessary troubles, you should simply engage a wedding photography studio instead. I would highly recommend that you choose a studio like mindytanweddings.com or grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore or natstudios.sg for the best results.

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